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Sometimes you just gotta get out of dodge - Josh Mullin Josh Mullin

Sometimes you just gotta get out of dodge

Today I did more work than I have ever accomplished in any other day. The reason, location.

I took a trip alone, and for the first time in my life, I’m truly enjoying the solitude. I’ve made friends with strangers, treated myself to some new garb, and learned a lot about a new city… Best part is, I’m only one day into my trip.

I started my morning with an urgent client issue that got me out of bed way sooner than I ever anticipated. Sometimes people forget about the three hour time difference, and when they are calling you at a respectable 9am in Buffalo, it’s 6am in LA. Today, however this didn’t bother me a bit. I was ready to get my day started. I took the call, navigated to my laptop, and handled the situation. It felt good. I was up long before the sun but I was being productive, on what I thought would be a fairly relaxing vacation day.

While waiting on final approval of the last round of design revisions, I took a walk to find a coffee shop. Three blocks later, and with a little help from Yelp (I know, I hate that company too) I found a solid dirty chai and a fresh bagel. Still not entirely light out. Still not caring. As I navigated back to my lodgings, with the morning dew soaking my chucks, I was thankful. Thankful that I was blessed with a skill set that allows me some freedoms that others can not enjoy.

I thought back to when I made the decision to leave my beloved agency job at Luminus with some of the best friends I’ve ever had. I thought about what led me there… getting into web design in the 90s, taking crappy entry level jobs, busting ass for years on the low levels, and even my tenure at LocalEdge, the corporate monster that almost robbed me of my career passion. All these things finally made sense, and I am happy. I have put in my time, punch enough clocks, thrown my alarm (phone) countless times, broke enough snow scrapers, and logged in enough hours to finally have complete career freedom. I work for myself. I do good work for good clients. These clients appreciate me and I appreciate them. Life is good.

After crushing my coffee and doing the morning routine, I strapped my laptop to my back and ventured towards water. It was time to see the ocean. An hour later of brutal traffic with a slightly terrifying chauffeur, I arrived. I took off on foot, found a bench, and cracked open my computer. There’s something really special about breathing ocean air while you crush your morning emails. A lot better than drinking crappy coffee and ignoring a constantly ringing phone (harkening back to my time at LE). It’s been 2 years, almost to the day, and I bounced back. Officially. I love my field of work and my design work is better than ever… and to think that I considered walking away from the industry.

I can continue to recap every detail of my day, filled with cafes, english pubs, a fantastic beachside lunch, and a little light birthday shopping (treat yo self!) but it’s not necessary for the point of this post.

This post is to encourage everyone to do what they love. Stick with it. Don’t let any circumstances drive you from your passion. Make tough calls when you need to. Have broke weeks (months), call in favors, DO FAVORS, and most importantly never stop doing what you do.

So after a long day, as I sit here watching the sun set over the pacific ocean, I feel accomplished. Today has been a good day.

Sometimes you just gotta get outta dodge…